red bottom shoes

Only a pair of beautiful shoes is the siren is not satisfied?
Small make up today I want to share the red bottom shoes dream in another girl's beauty shoes, believe that for a fashion show slightly in how many have heard the siren "red shoes" - the name Christian Louboutin. Feminine and slim shoe body with high identification red bottom shoes for men of brilliant red soles, Christian Louboutin has become a fashion on the red carpet is often associated with women appearance of red bottoms shoes women's shoes brand.Today let's together to taste exactly the charm of red bottom shoes what let a person hold one's breath ~

Fish mouth shoes can be elegant,red bottom shoes for women  depending on whether the opening coordination, open-toed look whether can balance weight and shoe body, fashion runway year after year have fish mouth shoes of trace, fish mouth shoes wonderful lies in revealing the tiptoe let leg cheap red bottom shoes more outspread feeling on the vision, relative proportion will look more slender, to fashion the sharp turns have to want to buy a pair of shoe for this good taste of the fish mouth shoes ~

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